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Tips for Writing Good Paragraphs:

Tips for good paragraphs from students of the Pearson ALC


A writer should think about the title and main purpose before beginning to use the pen.


The good writer should think about topics that are of interest to other people.


The writer is required to organize the structure, which can consist of introduction, body, and conclusion.


There needs to be supporting evidence for the body. So, in other words, it helps if you know things before you try to write about things.


Write a variety of sentences.


Choose necessary words; avoid unnecessary repetition.


Keep the grammar understandable.


Use simple, effective vocabulary, so the writer can be fully comfortable using it.


Sentences should be as simple as necessary to communicate the meaning they contain.


Avoid repeating ideas unnecessarily.


Use good examples.


Correct your mistakes in order to improve your work. (this is the last thing)


Make sure to actually rewrite from scratch to see how the writing changes.

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