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Advanced Composition 
Coordination and Subordination

                        May 10, 2001

Joining ideas together is one way of varying our sentence structure. We can either coordinate or subordinate our ideas.

Coordinating Conjunctions

Use FANBOYS to coordinate your sentences: For, And, Nor, But, Or, Yet, So. Ideas using conjunctions are approximately equal in weight in your sentence.

I like chocolate, but I love flowers.

Subordinating Conjunctions

Many conjunctions exist in English to subordinate ideas. One idea receives a bit more emphasis than the other in such sentences. Some subordinating conjunctions: after, although, because, before, if, since, than, that, unless, until, when, whenever, whether, wherever, while.

Although I like chocolate, I love flowers.

Writing Assignment

Compare two favourites of yours (foods, people, pieces of music, parks, or ?). Use two different coordinating and two different subordinating conjunctions in your paragraph. Teacher Writing Sample on this topic.


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