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Adverb Clauses and "As"

April 26, 2001

The little word, "as," is used in adverb clauses in a number of ways. These clauses modify a verb and answer such questions as "when?," "where?," and "how?". We will practice some of them tonight.

Adverb Clauses using As

Time: As I was driving my car, he kept on backseat driving until I thought I would scream!

Time: As soon as I got home that night, I took a vitamin C.

Time: I will not like ice cream as long as I live.

Manner: In Canada, I can drive my car as I did in Singapore.

Manner: My brother likes to drive as if he were a Formula One racer.

Writing Assignment

Sometimes, another person's habits bother us. Write about a person you know well, and describe the habit that makes you upset. Use three different "as" clauses, including at least one of manner (answering the question "how?").

"As I was falling asleep, he started to bounce the basketball outside my window. As long as he is doing that, I will never get any sleep!"


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