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Advanced Composition 
Writing about Having Lunch in a Public Setting

April 12, 2001

For many of us, school lunch was a time we ate most often with many other different people. For others, a work lunchroom may be more memorable.

Today we will write about having lunch together regularly with other people. But, of course, we will, as always, follow some special rules.

The Rules:

Compare your lunch contents to one other typical person's lunch. Mention at least three items found in a lunch bag.

Talk about two kinds of people who had lunch with you. What was one unusual or funny experience you shared with lunch mates?

Write about 125 words or so. Show with words, rather than tell. Make us remember the "jelly sandwich on white bread, crusts cut off, and beside it a chocolate pudding cup." (for example!)

Teacher Writing Sample for this assignment.

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