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Advanced Composition 

"Ins" and "Unders": Using Prepositional Phrases

March 15, 2001

Prepositional phrases are groups of words that begin with a preposition and end with a noun or pronoun. Some phrases are used commonly and in a number of situations. Used well, these phrases will enhance your writing and give you more sentence options.

Four Prepositional Phrases and Verbs for Practice 

"was standing in the middle of"

Example: My brother was standing in the middle of the old downtown square." (object of preposition is in italics)

"drifted toward"

Example: The falling snow drifted toward the cobblestones.

"were near" and "journeyed to"

Example: We were near the 12th century church, the shrine many journeyed to each summer.

Writing Exercise:

Write a paragraph about a holiday or other special destination. Describe the physical place where special events are held.

Use three of the four prepositional phrases and verbs. Choose your own nouns or pronouns and remember to use adjectives as needed. Use your own verbs with the prepositions if you wish. Teacher Writing Sample


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