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Advanced Composition 
Adverbial Time and the Present Perfect

March 29, 2001

Time words and certain English tenses go together naturally. Tonight, we'll practice using the present perfect tense with a number of adverbial time expressions. This way, we can avoid mistakes like, "I have not completed my assignment yesterday."

The Present Perfect and Time Expressions


Example: The boy has already done his homework.


Example: His sister hasn't done her homework yet.


Example: The parents haven't ever gone to see her teacher.

"so far" or "up to now"

Example: The teachers have given only three homework assignments up to now OR so far.

Writing Exercise:

Write a paragraph about something you are doing that is not finished yet. This activity should be ongoing (takes a number of months) and should have a definite finish date.

Use three of the four adverbial time expressions, along with the present perfect tense. Teacher Writing Sample for this exercise.


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