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Advanced Composition 
Sequence of Tenses: Simple Present

March 8, 2001

The simple present tense is one of the more important ones in English. It can be used in the independent clause along with all other English tenses in the subordinate clause. Tonight, we'll look at two examples for practice.

Simple Present + Present Continuous

I must have quiet + when I am studying for the test.

I feel good + , even though I walked five kilometers this morning.

Simple Present + Present Perfect

I eat potatoes every day + because I have always loved them.

I can't do my homework very well + after I have worked hard all day.

Writing Exercise:

Write a paragraph about one of your favourite physical activities.

Use one simple present + present continuous combination and one simple present + present perfect combination.

Begin with a good topic sentence. End with a good concluding sentence.

Include one vivid example that shows rather than tells.

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