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Advanced Composition 

Using the Infinitive as Noun

 October 4, 2001

 The infinitive (to + the simple form of a verb) can be a useful tool in writing. We will look at some ways to use the infinitive as a noun tonight.


Ways to use the Infinitive as a Noun:

As a subject: To study takes me a few hours each week. To find the store, turn right at the lights.

As a subject complement: My goal is to be a better teacher. Her job last summer was to garden for the city parks.

As object of the verb: I love to travel. He is planning to move to the USA next year.


Most of us try a number of jobs in our lives. What was your most interesting or unusual job? You can write about work you had for pay or in the home.

Use the infinitive in all three ways described above.

Write in a short paragraph form with topic and concluding sentence.


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