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Advanced Composition 

Commas: Appositives and Quotations

 October 31, 2001

The comma is the most commonly used mark of punctuation, although we see more periods, of course. To use commas better, we will practice its uses in the appositive and quotation tonight.

Examples of the Comma

Setting off an appositive:

1-Brad, the friendly English teacher, smiled at his class tonight.

2-Brad smiled at his class, wet and bedraggled from the fall rains.

Setting off a quotation:

1-Brad said, "Let's start writing now." or "Let's start writing now," Brad said.

2-"Let's start writing now," Brad said, "or we'll never be finished tonight."

Writing Assignment:

Write a paragraph about your experiences in this writing class. Quote the teacher or a student twice, once as in example one and once as in example two. Use both styles of appositive as well-after a noun subject (1) and after a noun object (2).

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