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Advanced Composition 

Descriptive Writing: Writing about a Place

 October 11, 2001

 Good descriptive writing follows four rules. We'll look at the four rules tonight, and then write a description of a place we know well. 

Four Rules of Description:

Observe carefully. Look at the world around you. Doing this will give you the most benefit when writing a description.

Form a central impression. What do you see, in general, when you observe. You may note that a person's room is very messy. This is your central impression.

Now, select specific, concrete details to support your impression. In the messy room are three pairs of dirty socks strewn across the floor. On the desk, a brown banana skin is beginning to grow a dull green mold.

Finally, organize your details. For a messy room, you might start with eye level, then move to what you see on the floor. 


Think of a place you either dislike or like very much. Observe the place (in your mind) and form a central impression. Select at least three different details that support your impression. Describe it carefully in a short paragraph form.

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