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The World: Changed Forever?

 October 18, 2001

Many media commentators have said that the events of September 11 have changed the world forever. How have these events affected you? Canadians have been trying to come to grips with the changes, as have people all around the world. Tonight, we will learn useful sentence structures to help us express our views.

Comparison Structures:

Before September 11, I thought terrorism was (insert your opinion here) , but now I think terrorism is (insert your opinion here).

After September 11, I have (insert a present perfect verb here such as "started" or "begun") to (insert your opinion here using an infinitive verb such as "think" or "be"), although before I (insert your opinion here using a past tense verb).

When I (state action verb such as "go" or "walk") now I (insert your opinion here), whereas before I (insert your opinion here using "would" plus a present tense verb in the negative form such as "not think" or "never worry").

Other, class examples?

Writing Assignment:

The terrible events of September 11, 2001 have affected people around the world. People say, "the world has changed forever." How have things changed for you, personally? Use the comparison structures above to help you state three things that have changed in your life (or ways of thinking) since the attacks.

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