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Advanced Composition
Adjective + Preposition + Gerund
 February 21, 2002

Here are some useful adjective + preposition + gerund combinations. Memorize and use them often. Examine the following list. The class will add their own examples before we begin to write tonight.

Examples of the adjective + preposition + gerund combinations

I am interested + in + being a good kayaker.

I am proud + of + being a teacher.

I am good + at + looking for lost things in my house.

My brother feels happy + about + feeling useful.

Paragraph Assignment

Write a short paragraph about a pastime or hobby you enjoy. Examples of pastimes or hobbies: reading magazines, hiking, shopping, cooking, writing (!), sewing and so on.

Use at least four combinations in your writing. Please use the "+" sign inside your sentences for practice and to help you know you are doing it correctly.

Write a topic sentence, indent five spaces, and please double space your writing.

See a Teacher Writing Sample on this topic.

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