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Advanced Composition
Essay Evaluation Workshop
 March 14, 2002

This class will be devoted to examining, discussing, and revising various examples of student essay writing. Students will be called on to volunteer their work for discussion. 

During our workshop we will look at the following:

Student topic sentences. Are the sentences effective, clear? Do they contain controlling ideas?

Student concluding sentences. Do the sentences restate the controlling ideas effectively?

Student example sentences. Do the sentences contain lively, vivid examples (show, rather than tell)?

Student thesis sentences. This sentence should be one of the best in the essay. Is the thesis clear, effective, and well written?

Student introductory paragraph sentences. Have the sentences "grabbed" the readers' attention? Do the sentences lead naturally to the thesis?

Other areas, including effective grammar and structure will be examined as well. All notes will be kept as a record, along with student and teacher comments. 


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