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Advanced Composition 

In Honour of Saint Valentine: Vigorous Verbs
 February 14, 2002

Verbs invigorate your writing; a good verb speaks directly to the reader. Verbs imply action. Since "verb" and "Valentine" begin with "V," we'll work, tonight, with some suitable verbs. And write of love, of course!

Vigorous Verbs (Active and Lovely):

Adore: I adore sweets, unfortunately, but can usually avoid eating them (except at Saint Valentine's Day!).

Love: In the springtime, many Vancouverites love to walk along the seashore, looking at the mountains and thanking their lucky stars that they live in Vancouver.

Treasure: What we treasure most will let others know us the most deeply.

Delight (in): My wife delights in making quilts and I delight in snuggling under them!

Prize: Many Asian children prize their lucky red envelopes this week!

Value: What do you value most, money or love?

Tonight's Writing Assignment:

What, or who, do you love? Write a paragraph using all six verbs presented tonight. Make your paragraph shine with other active verbs as well. Try, if you can, to not use the verb "to be" (is, are, etc.) at all in your paragraph tonight.

For example: I absolutely adore my dog, Tashi, who will often, as I walk her around the park, nuzzle the back of my leg affectionately, just to let me know she loves me.

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