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Advanced Composition 

How to Emphasize with Sentences
November 13, 2002

Sentences can be written in different ways to provide different emphases. The way you choose to write a sentence depends on exactly what you wish to emphasize. 

Examples Showing Different Sentence Emphases

 Giddy with excitement, the children went out trick or treating. (Emphasis on the action, “went out,”  as it is in the independent clause)

The children, giddy with excitement, went out trick or treating. (Same emphasis, but weakens the “giddy . . .” phrase as it is now in the middle of the sentence)

The children, going out trick or treating, were giddy with excitement. (Now, the emphasis is on “were giddy . . .” as it is in independent clause)

 When they went out trick or treating, the children were giddy with excitement. (This emphasis is the same as the previous sentence, but the cause and effect is clearer and the sentence better, too.)


Writing Assignment:

Write about an exciting event you enjoyed as a child. Use good paragraph structure, a topic sentence with controlling ideas, and a concluding sentence that restates your topic and shows its importance. Write about 125 words.

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