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Advanced Composition
It's All in the Details: Writing a Good Example

October 2 and 3, 2002


This week, we will discuss ways to improve our detail (example) sentences to make them more vivid, memorable, and true.

Good Examples (Class Discussion):

What kinds of details do we like or enjoy when we discuss or have a conversation with another person?

How can we be sure that something another person says or writes is true?

 Class Sharing:

From your short paragraph on “Vancouver Weather,” choose a strong, detailed example to share with the class. If you have not written a paragraph, write one good quality detail sentence to share. 

Writing Assignment:

Take one of your topic sentences OR one of your short paragraphs on “Vancouver Weather” and either write a 150 word paragraph OR increase the length of your paragraph by about 50 words or so. Use the information on good quality detail from today’s class to guide your writing.

Teacher Writing Sample on this topic.

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