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Advanced Composition
Pretty Parallels: More than Just a List

May 9, 2002

Parallelism is the repetition of a pattern inside our sentences. Using parallel structures shows the reader that ideas are equally important and, as a result, are easier to remember and to read.

These structures can be simple (Gerund nouns in a list: skiing, swimming, and hiking) or complex (Repetition in a balanced sentence: I would rather eat cake; moreover, I could easily eat two!).

Words balance words; phrase balances phrase; sentence balances sentence.

Examples of Parallel Structures

Michael wanted to catch a snake, put it in a cage, and take it to school.

She was a woman who loved grammar, enjoyed sentences, and adored paragraphs.

I came; I saw; I conquered.


Very often, we delay things in our lives. This is called "procrastination." Sometimes we put off doing our homework; other times, we resist making a decision.

Write about a time where you procrastinated. Use at least two sets of parallel structures in your short paragraph.

See a Teacher Writing Sample for this assignment.

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