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Advanced Composition 

Finishing Up: The Conclusion

March 10 and 11, 2004

Today, we will briefly discuss how to write an effective concluding paragraph. After this, we will expand last week’s body paragraph on a model physical fitness plan to make it into an essay, and then write a suitable introduction and conclusion for it.

Writing a Concluding Paragraph

Here are four typical ways to end an essay:

Write a summary style, which refers to your main body paragraph points after your restatement of your thesis. (but it is boring!) Be careful not to re-explain but only to refer!

Use an appropriate quotation that emphasizes your main points. Remember not to introduce new ideas at this time.

Use a short anecdote (mini-story) to emphasize your main points.

Warn or state a remedy for your main idea. You may also both warn AND state a remedy.

Class Discussion:

What other ways do you know for writing a good quality conclusion?


Expand your body paragraph on your model physical fitness plan to make it into a 200 to 250 word essay. Follow good essay structure and write a suitable conclusion. Bring it to class next week!


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