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Advanced Composition
Preparing for Certificate Tests: A Process Essay

November 4, 2004

This week, we will continue with process writing. We will first discuss, then write about activities good students need to pursue in order to prepare well for the upcoming certificate tests.

Process Essays:

Follow a logical order: each body paragraph represents one step, chronologically ordered, with full details given in the form of examples and vivid detail.

Make sure to fully develop each body paragraph. Include a clear topic sentence and donít forget a concluding sentence.

Make your transitions from paragraph to paragraph clear.

Writing Assignment:

Write a short process essay on the following topic:

ē Three practical ideas a student may use to prepare well for the certificate tests.

ē Outline, briefly, the specific process a student must follow. Do this for all three body paragraphs.

Sample body paragraph:


      The first activity good students perform is one that needs to begin on the first day of the term: review. Review is an active process. A student begins by reviewing what she learned in class that day. Class notes should be reread and then filed by date in a binder. As the term progresses, a student is wise to briefly go over all materials, in sequence, at least once a week. Do you still understand a key term introduced in September? If you have reviewed class materials regularly, your answer will be, Yes! Review is the backbone of a successful studentís study strategy and must begin each new term. (109 words; first draft by Brad Hyde)


Essay Sample: Certificate Tests Preparation: A Teacher's Advice




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