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Advanced Composition

January 21 and 22, 2004


Today, we will read other student’s writing in order to learn more about revision.

Pair Work:

Trade paragraphs with your partner (the final, revised draft).

Read the other student’s writing once without stopping.

Read the paragraph again and mark one sentence you think could be improved. Write a one sentence suggestion which states what could be done to improve it (make it shorter, longer, add details, and so on).

Each student takes a turn to identify and explain his or her suggestion to the other person.

Class Discussion:

What kinds of revisions were suggested by class members? Can these revisions be classified into any groups? How were the suggested revisions different from or the same as the ones you made yourself?


• Find one expert opinion on revision (revising) and bring it to class next week. (Use Google to search for “writing revision” or “revising writing.”)

Examples of student revision; two teacher paragraphs revised for length.


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