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Advanced Composition 

Using Metaphor

October 14, 2004

Good writing uses metaphor. Metaphor “transfers” or “carries across” ideas. Metaphor is used when we notice how something resembles another thing. If we notice and make a comparison we are using metaphor. If we use metaphors well, our writing will carry more meaning and emotion.

Three Kinds of Metaphor

Metaphor: The moon in the sky is a big pizza pie. No, not actually, but the comparison is understandable as a pizza is round and so is the moon.

Simile: My love is like a red red rose. In simile, the comparison uses the words “like” or “as." Simile is a special kind of metaphor that more directly compares two things.

Personification: The clouds cry. The angry sun. In these examples, the “clouds” and “sun” have taken on human emotions. This is called personification.


Think about the past two years. Describe this period as being like travelling on a road. Where did the road take you? When did you start? Use three metaphors in a paragraph about this period in your life. (try to use one metaphor, one simile, and one personification if you can) Write from 125 to 150 words.

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