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Advanced Composition 

Adverb Clauses and "As"

April 14, 2005

The little word, “as,” is used in adverb clauses in a number of ways. These clauses modify a verb and answer such questions as “when,” “where,” and “how.” We will practice some of them tonight.


Adverb Clauses using As

Time:  As I was driving my car, he kept on backseat driving until I thought I would scream!

Time:  As soon as I got home that night, I took a vitamin C.

Time: I will not like ice cream as long as I live.

Manner: In Canada, I can drive my car as I did in Singapore.

Manner: My brother likes to drive as if he were a Formula One racer.

Writing Assignment

Sometimes, another person’s habits bother us. Write about a person you know well, and describe the habit that makes you upset. Use three different “as” clauses, including at least one of manner (answering the question “how”).

 “As I was falling asleep, he started to bounce the basketball outside my window. As long as he is doing that, I will never get any sleep!”


     Take your rough draft home with you today.

     Make at least five corrections to the draft and recopy the paragraph.

     Hand in your original and your revised copy to class next week.


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