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Advanced Composition 

Writing an Essay: My Favourite Writing Lessons

February 17, 2005

Tonight, we will discuss our favourite (and least favourite) lessons this term. After our discussion, we will review the standard, five-paragraph, essay structure. The homework will be writing a full essay.
First Thoughts (writing in point form for ten minutes):

This term we have had five lessons: Using the Five Senses in Description (Adding Detail); Four Rules for Good Descriptive Writing; Coordination and Conjunctions; Using Infinitives as Nouns and Adjectives; The Three Most Important Rules of Writing.

Choose your three favourite lessons. Why did you like these lessons? What could be improved? What did you learn about writing from each one?

Small Group Discussion (20 minutes):

Discuss your favourites with two other students (groups of three). In what way do your ideas differ from other students’ ideas? In what way are they the same?

 Review of Essay Structure (20 minutes):

 With your teacher, you will review the basic structure of the standard, five-paragraph, essay. Be sure to name and describe each part fully.

 Writing an Essay about the Writing Lessons:

Your essay topic will be “My Favourite Writing Lessons.” Each body paragraph will give, in detail, your reasons for liking a lesson, what you learned, and any suggestions you may have for the teacher.


    Write a 300-word standard essay on the given topic.

      Revise the essay at least once.

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