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Advanced Composition 

Writing an Essay: Discuss and Write

February 17, 2005

Tonight, we will discuss our experiences as emigrants from our home countries. The homework will be writing a full essay outlining the reasons people have for leaving one country and entering a new life in another.

Group Discussion

Why do people choose to emigrate from their home country to Canada?

Talk about at least three different reasons. Write down reasons and at least one specific example for each reason (Show, not tell) Note where students differ and where students have the same reasons. Were all group members the same?

Notes from Your Discussion (All students take notes)




Write on the topic you discussed in your groups. Use your notes to guide you. Fill in the essay below, but feel free to make a rough draft first. Essay is due on March 3.

The teacher will mark your essay according to the four-point scale of Conventions (Grammar/Spelling); Form (structure of paragraph and essay); Style (sentence variety and type) and Meaning (Ideas, fully explained).


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