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Brad's Advanced Composition  October 5, 2000

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Advanced Composition: Writing the Essay (Live Demonstration) 
October 5, 2000

"I will use all my strength to bring about a just society to a nation living in a tough world."-Pierre Elliott Trudeau, April 7, 1968 news conference, the day after winning the Liberal leadership

Tonight, I would like to share with you two things: One, my and many of my fellow Canadian's feelings about our former Prime Minister, Pierre Elliott Trudeau; two, a live demonstration of essay writing.

At the end of the class, I hope you will have learned a little, and having seen the process of writing a short essay, you will have experienced writing in a unique way.

Canadian FlagMy topic will be about three ways Trudeau had a deep impact on me personally, as a Canadian. The essay will be a standard, three paragraph, structure with a suitable introduction and conclusion. Throughout the writing, I will comment on my reasons for whatever you see happening on the screen. I hope you enjoy it! View the essay.


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