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Advanced Composition 
Painting a Vivid Picture: Describing a Person 
February 1, 2001

Last week, we discussed how to write good examples, ones that are vivid, believable, and memorable. Tonight, we will write a descriptive paragraph about a person we know well, using the kind of good examples needed to make our paragraph more alive.

Writing Exercise:

Choose a person you know very well. Note the following:

Physical characteristic
(E.g.: He is a small man, with unkempt hair, whose trousers were patched at the knees)

(E.g.: Whenever he disagrees with me, he stands, arms across his chest, chin jutted out. Then, he waves his finger at me and says, "You have no idea, no idea at all.")

E.g.: One day he came to me, face dirtied and stained with tears, his glasses missing. He had climbed up the side of the gravel pit, it turned out, and gotten caught in a rock slide. Luckily, we found his lost glasses later that day.)

Write a paragraph that uses one example from each category: physical characteristics; behaviours; anecdotes.




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