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Brad's Advanced Composition  November 9, 2000

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Advanced Composition 
Easily Confused Words 
November 9, 2000

Some words are easy to confuse. In this exercise, we will practice using the words correctly. 

Confusing Words

Bad/Badly. Bad is an adjective that describes the subject; badly is an adverb. I feel bad about missing the class. Tom was badly injured in the accident. 

Between/Among. Between is used with two people or items. Among is used when there are more than two. There is not much difference between a Toyota and a Mazda. Among all the cars I looked at, the Toyota seemed the best. 

Good/Well. Good is an adjective; well is an adverb. The pie looks good. The oven you cooked it in works well

Paragraph Assignment

Use all six of the confusing words (bad, badly, between, among, good, and well) in your paragraph. In this paragraph, tell about a time when you had to make a choice about something (something to buy, for example). Write a topic sentence, indent five spaces, and please double space your writing.

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