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Advanced Composition 

January 20, 2000
Rules for Good Topic Sentences

Topic Sentences:

    Introduce the paragraph topic and limit it to what can be written in a single paragraph.  Are the most general and most important sentence.
    Contain controlling ideas (ideas that will be explained, defined, clarified or illustrated in the sentences which follow the topic sentence)
    Are never just a fact. "I came to Canada in 1993." is a simple fact. 
    With personal opinion only are weak. Avoid the use of "I like" and "I think." E.g. "I like dogs better than cats."

The Best Topic Sentences:

     Contain a "provable" opinion using facts from reliable sources.
     May also state an "intent." E.g. "The seven steps to making a good spaghetti sauce, one with the finest aromas, will be explained in detail here."


Write five good topic sentences for a 100 word paragraph on the subject, "Vancouver weather."

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