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Brad's Advanced Composition  February 10 Assignment

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Advanced Composition: Using the Gerund 
February 10, 2000

In English, we can form a noun from a verb. This noun form is called the "gerund." In order to do this, add "-ing" to a verb. Gerunds work alone or together with other words to form a "gerund phrase". 

Some Ways to Use the Gerund:

bulletAs subject: Skiing is a popular sport among Vancouverites. Walking to work every day brings many health benefits.
bulletAs subject complement (the gerund/gerund phrase gives more information about a subject): My brother's favourite activity is bicycling. What he really enjoys is riding fifty kilometers. 
bulletAs direct object (only after some verbs): He loves riding fast. My brother has always enjoyed travelling.


Doing a healthy activity brings us many benefits. What do you do to help you stay in shape? Write a paragraph where you use the gerund as both a single noun and a phrase in each of the three ways shown tonight.

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