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Brad's Advanced Composition  March 2 Assignment

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Advanced Composition: Comparison-Contrast Paragraphs 
March 2, 2000

Use comparison-contrast development to compare (show likeness) or contrast (show difference). Each has a specific purpose: comparison shows how things we consider different are actually alike in some ways; contrast shows how things we consider alike are actually different in some ways. 

Understanding Comparison-Contrast:

bulletThe comparison-contrast paragraph can be organized in two ways: One way is to explain all of subject A, point by point; then all of subject B, with the same points in parallel. The other way is to do point one for A, then for B; then do point two etc.. 
bulletBe sure to have a purpose for your paragraph. Why are you comparing or contrasting? You may try to explain, to entertain, or to persuade.
bulletHow will you compare or contrast? You may prefer one to the other. You may say what happened in one case will happen in another. You may say both are equally acceptable.


Compare a city or town you have lived in with the city you live in now. Be sure to compare the two places in at least three different ways. You may show why you prefer one town to the other. Or, you may show why each town is equally acceptable. Write in short paragraph form.


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