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Advanced Composition
Powerful Choices: Specific Verbs

March 23, 2000

When writing, choose the specific verb more often than the general. Verbs help create powerful writing. Choose them carefully.

General versus Specific Verbs:

Here is a general verb in a sentence: "The wind blew through the trees".

Here is a specific verb in the same sentence: "The wind roared through the trees".

How is this sentence different? Why is it more powerful?

Here is a general verb in a sentence: The kindergarten class walked to the park.

Here is a specific verb in the same sentence: The kindergarten class skipped to the park.

How are these children feeling today? How do you know?


Use these four specific verbs: adore, stroll, chat, and gaze. Write a short paragraph about a walk in the park on a sunny day. If you can, use one or two other good, specific verbs in your composition.


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