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  Brad's Advanced Composition: Four Uses of Would


Advanced Composition: Four Uses of Would
May 11, 2000

The little word, "would," can be used in a number of interesting ways. Most of us know that it can be used in a polite request: "Would you please close the door?" Its other uses are also interesting.

Four Uses of Would

Are you willing: "Would you help me with my homework?" "Yes, I would be happy to help."

A past habit: "When I was a boy, I would climb every tree in the neighbourhood."

Past of will (indirect speech): "I'll see you tomorrow." "He said he would see us tomorrow."

A past preference: "I would rather have gone to the movies." (But, actually, I went to the band concert)


When we were young, we all had preferred activities. Write, using would at least three times, about something you preferred to do as a young person. Use at least one "would rather + past participle." If you like, write some dialogue, so you can include indirect speech as well. View Teacher Writing Sample

When I was a boy, I would climb to the top of every tree.


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