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Advanced Composition: Notes Jan. 20, 2000 Class Notes

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Advanced Composition
English 10
Brad's English Lessons 2002
Brad's Vocabulary
English 10 Preparation
Brad's SS/SC/Math Level 3
English Skills 3B-C (Idioms)
Literature and Composition 4

Topic Sentences

We studied rules for good topic sentences. Here are some samples done in class of topic sentences for 100 word paragraphs.

1. Vancouver doesnít have enough snow in winter.

2. Vancouver snow sometimes has special characteristics, which makes it difficult to drive on it safely.

3. The snow was here in Vancouver for a short visit today.

4. Walking on a rainy day in Vancouver requires special preparations.

5. The sea winds give Vancouver a clean and enjoyable aroma.

6. Vancouver has a very unusual weather, which canít be found in any other city in the world.

7. Vancouver has had classic winter weather for the past twenty days.

8. Snow, a nice sight for some, but a bad idea for others.

9. The moderate weather of Vancouver could be a good reason for the long life of its citizens.

10. Many seniors move to Vancouver for their retirement because of the weather.






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