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Brad's Advanced Composition  October 14 Assignment

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Advanced Composition

The Importance of Metaphor

October 14, 1999

Good writing uses metaphor. Metaphor “transfers” or “carries across” ideas. Another way to think of metaphor is to imagine how some things resemble one another. If you notice and make the comparison you are using metaphor. If you use them well, your writing will carry more meaning and emotion.

Three Kinds of Metaphor

q       Metaphor: We are mountains, unreachable and serene. Here, we compare ourselves to mountains directly.

q       Simile: We are like mountains, strong and silent watchers. In simile, the comparison uses the words “like” or “as." Simile is a special kind of metaphor.

q       Personification: The mountains look down and pity the poor people below. In this example, the “mountains” have taken on human qualities. This is what personification does.


Think about a period in your life. Examples of these could include, attending school, raising your children, working at a job, or being a child. Describe this period as a journey. Where did it take you? Where did it start? Use three metaphors in a short paragraph about this period in your life. Teacher Writing Sample


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