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Brad's Advanced Composition  October 21 Assignment

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Advanced Composition

Classification Paragraphs

October 21, 1999

A classification paragraph divides persons, places, things, or ideas into groups. These groups must have something in common. A single subject can be divided in various ways; these ways are called “classes”." For example, students may be divided according to their year of study, their religion, their major study, or even their favorite style of music.

Rules for Classification

q       Arrange classes by a logical method.

q       Make sure classes are relatively complete

q       Make sure classes do not overlap

q       Make sure classes follow a rule: “according to”

Classification: Assignment:

Classify your three most common errors in using English. For example, you may look at three mistakes you make while speaking. Be specific. “One mistake I make while speaking is to put the adjective after the noun. I often say, the ‘dog nice’ instead of the ‘nice dog.'"


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