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Basic Composition
Using Infinitives as Nouns and Adjectives
April 15, 1999

We know that infinitives follow verbs. For example, "I want to study English" Infinitives are useful in other ways as well. They can be used as nouns and adjectives, too.

 Examples of infinitives as nouns and adjectives

bulletTo study English is very difficult for me. (noun)
bulletTo learn is a good thing at any age. (noun)
bulletI have too much work to do. (adjective for noun, "work")
bulletWhe have five questions to answer. (adjective for noun, "questions").

Paragraph Assignment

Write a short paragraph (or some sentences) about study. Use infinitives in the same way as the examples. Write a topic sentence, indent five spaces, and please double space your writing. Teacher Writing Sample


 To learn takes time and effort, but the results are worth it!

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