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Advanced Composition 

Verbs Followed by Gerunds
April 1, 1999

A gerund is a noun that is made out of a verb. For example, the verb "walk" can become the noun "walking." "I walk home" and "Walking is good exercise" are other examples. Certain English verbs are always followed by gerund nouns. We’ll practice using a few common combinations.

Examples of verbs followed by gerunds

Enjoy. I enjoy going to the movies. I enjoy walking.

Finish. I finished taking a bath. I finished doing my homework.

Miss. I miss being with my family. I missed going on the trip.

Paragraph Assignment

Write a short paragraph (or some sentences) about an activity you enjoy. Use all three verbs in sentences using gerund nouns suitable to your topic. Write a topic sentence, indent five spaces, and please double space your writing. See a sample of teacher writing on this topic.

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