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Basic Composition
Exercise on Adjectives
January 28, 1999

Directions: Choose adjectives from the parentheses to fill in the blanks. All adjectives can be correctly used in the blanks. How does the meaning change depending on which adjective you choose? Write an explanation on the lines below each example. Can you think of other specific adjectives you could use?

  1. We planned to have breakfast at Jake and Mary’s new house, but it was full                    of carpenters. (sweaty, noisy)
  1. We tried eating at a restaurant near their house, but its food was (inedible, undercooked), its service (glacial, inattentive), its atmosphere. (raucous, funereal)
  1. Then, we went to the beach, but the weather had turned (dull, overcast), with a (chilly, bone chilling) temperature and (threatening, ominous) clouds.

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