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Grammar for a Class Evaluation

May 27, 1999

This is our last class this term! As a result, I would like it if you would give me some feedback about my teaching tonight. At the same time, you can give general feedback about the ALC. I will teach you some useful grammar at the same time.

Examples of grammar useful for evaluation

The "Past Unreal" tense is a useful one. It refers to something that did not happen. For example, If we had studied more grammar, we would have been better writers today. Write a sentence like this one which is true for you as a student at the ALC.

The "Simple Present" tense is useful to state facts and opinions in English. For example, The ALC has resources which I found useful this term, such as the Internet, listening tapes, and videos. Write a sentence like this one about resources you use at the ALC.

The "Present Perfect" tense is useful for talking about an activity you enjoyed in the past, still enjoy, and expect to enjoy in the future. (or did not enjoy if you prefer) For example, I have enjoyed the teachers who teach the evening classes! (I hope so, anyway!) Write a sentence like this one using the present perfect tense. You do not need to use the verb "enjoyed." Try to give a reason for your opinion, too. (because or since . . .)

Using "wish" is useful when doing an evaluation. For example, I wish I knew more about the topic sentence or I wish I had learned more about writing an essay. Note that the first example is true today (present) and the second was true in the past. You can use either in a sentence about something you wish for at the ALC. Please write one!


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