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Basic Composition
Noun Clause Objects
April 29, 1999

Some verbs have a noun clause as direct object. These require a simple form of the verb, but the main verb can be another verb tense. For example, The teacher recommended that we study our notes carefully. Note that the main verb, "recommended" is in the past tense. The verb "study" is, however, used in simple present.

 Examples of noun clause objects

bulletI desire that I have a vacation soon. I desire that I not have any more trouble with him.
bulletThe TOEFL requires that students understand English very well.
bulletShe has always preferred that her friends stay late after dinner.

Paragraph Assignment

bulletWrite a short paragraph (or some sentences) about something you would recommend. It could be a story, a kind of food, or a restaurant.
bulletUse all four verbs (recommend, desire, require, and prefer) in your writing. To make the negative, place "not" beside the verb inside the noun phrase. See the example about "trouble" above.
bulletWrite a topic sentence, indent five spaces, and please, double space your writing. Teacher Writing Sample


I recommend that you try an espresso coffee.

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