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Below, you will find many pages of information to help yourself prepare, including sample tests, sample essays, and links to helpful quizzes.

Certificate Test Resources:

Certificate Tests: A Teacher's Commentary
Brad's feature on common errors and problems students had when writing the June 2002 tests.

English Certificate Tests for English 7 and 8
Patricia has assembled a wealth of good information. Writing samples, practice tests, and quizzes.

Essay Writing Tips
L's thoughtful feature on preparing for the most-feared test: the essay!

Grammar Resources
Some good Web resources. Includes access to interactive quizzes.

How to Survive the Certificate Tests
L outlines everything you need to know in his five-point guide to writing the tests, including good answering techniques.

Marking Your Writing
Patricia explains the "C,F,S,M" marking system used by the teachers.

Passing Your Writing
Brad explains how teachers mark your compositions.  How can you do better? Find out at this information page. (Specific information for English 9 and 10 essay writers provided.)

Tests, Tests and More Tests!
Louise writes on test taking strategies, points out web resources, and provides a quiz to test for you to test your knowledge and vocabulary.

Web Sites to Help your English
Paul's weekly feature points out two great resources for language practice.

What's on the Tests?
Like it says: all the information for you to prepare for the certificate test session.

Writing Paragraphs
Tazim's weekly feature points out useful resources for paragraph writing. (Levels 3A to 4B)

Writing Topic Sentences
Tazim's weekly feature covers the practical details of writing a good topic sentence. 


The Essay:
To find more lessons on writing, visit Brad's Lessons page.

The Essay: Part One
Jennifer gives us details on SABOC, Select, Audience, Brainstorm, Communicate. Includes a sample essay on ice cream. Yummy! 

Writing Essays
Pat's feature includes a quiz to test yourself on essay structure.

Keeping the Burglars Away!
Sample 350-word essay written with the Advanced Composition class.

Solving the Mysteries of Writing
Brad's personal essay on his three-step approach to writing better essays.

"Talking About My Generation"
A 300 word sample standard essay from the English 10 class.

"The Advantages of a House" and "The 'Why' of Crime"
Two sample essays demonstrate how to show, with examples.

"A Fat Nation" and "Some Unattractive Entertainment"
Two more sample essays demonstrate the standard, five paragraph structure.

Examples of Body and Conclusion Paragraphs
Examples of student-written paragraphs. Teacher's comments included.

"Writing an Essay" by student, Ana
Her personal view of successful essay writing. Includes comments from her classmates.


Writing Successful Certificate Tests

  • Be sure to come on the first test day for your level.
  • Go to your regular classroom at your regular time.

  • Remember the test rules: No dictionary or calculator. No talking. Start and finish your test at one time only.

  • Allow lots of time for the tests. If you feel rushed come back later.

  • Have fun and relax! Remember what Louise says: "Breathe"!