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The two essays were written in the English 10 classes on Wednesday, May 15, 2002. Each one follows the proper structure and word count. Students helped with ideas and sentences; the teacher (quickly!) did the writing.

Topic: Learning a second language brings many benefits to a person. Discuss. Second essay: Benefits of Learning a Second Language

Second Language Advantages

     Although choosing to take on the task of learning a second language may create a lot of difficulty, it is worthwhile. Learning a second language brings many benefits to a person.
INTRODUCTION (30-50 words for a 300 to 400 essay) 

     First, it is quite beneficial to know a second language when you travel. For example, when arriving at any international airport, a knowledge of English is very useful. Signs are often in the local language and in English, so knowing some second language English will help you find your way around. In France, however, it is better for foreigners to know French as their second language as local people do not tend to know English. Clearly, there are benefits to knowing a second language when travelling.
BODY 1 (80-100 words for a 300 to 400 essay)

     Knowing a second language is also an advantage in your employment. During an interview in a new country, it is important to show your speaking (and listening) abilities in your second language. Employers need to be able to understand you; moreover, you certainly need to understand them. In Vancouver, with its huge multicultural population, having a second, and even a third, language is a big advantage to getting hired. People who speak Mandarin, Cantonese, and English, for example, are quickly given a job. For employment, having a second language offers clear benefits.
BODY 2 (80-100 words for a 300 to 400 essay)

    Most importantly, learning a second language exposes you to new cultural knowledge. Reading the literature of another culture, its poetry for example, opens a window on that culture. Discussing opinions about world events with other people in their  own language lets you see their opinions and, perhaps, understand why they hold those opinions. Recognizing that much of idiom is shared from one culture to another helps a person to realize the similarities among people, rather than our differences. Exposure to a second language gives a person an important opportunity to comprehend another culture.
BODY 3 (80-100 words for a 300 to 400 essay)

      It is very beneficial to any person to learn a second language. Through learning a new language, a person may travel more easily, find more rewarding employment, and understand another culture more deeply.
CONCLUSION (30-50 words for a 300 to 400 essay)

Benefits of Learning a Second Language

     Although becoming fluent in a new language is very hard and isn’t always a lot of fun, it is worth it overall. Learning a second language brings many benefits to a person. 
INTRODUCTION (30-50 words for a 300 to 400 essay ) 

     One way we benefit from learning a second language is in our cultural awareness. For example, the meaning of the word “no” varies in English and Chinese. In Chinese culture, when a person invites another to a dinner or other social occasion, it is gracious to always answer “no” to the first invitation. However, in English culture, it is polite to answer “yes” to the same question. Understanding the difference between the cultures helps us to understand how to avoid unpleasant or embarrassing social situations. 
BODY 1 (80-100 words for a 300 to 400 essay)

     We also gain benefits in our families. In the family, where children have already learned one language, adding a second language brings new benefits. It is good for the children to be able to communicate easily both with their overseas grandparents and with their new friends at school. At the same time, parents, who have learned the second language well, are better able to communicate with their own children and their children’s friends and their families. These family benefits are important ones.
BODY 2 (80-100 words for a 300 to 400 essay)

     Learning the second language is also a benefit for a person’s career. One way the language skills are a benefit is in helping the person to find a job. For example, in a job interview, good language skills will aid the candidate to communicate his or her qualifications and knowledge more easily. On the job, having learned the second language well helps increase your efficiency and ability to advance. As well, a person with good second language skills has many opportunities to communicate with overseas contacts. So, career benefits clearly result from having solid second language skills. 
BODY 3 (80-100 words for a 300 to 400 essay)

     Therefore, many benefits will come to a person who has learned a second language. Anyone who takes the time and makes the effort to learn another language will gain many advantages in their personal life. 
CONCLUSION (30-50 words for a 300 to 400 essay)


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