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Biology 12

Biology 12 classes will take place on Monday and Wednesday morning from 9 a.m. to 11:30 a.m.

Although it is desirable for students to start the course at the beginning of the semester, continuous enrollment is available throughout the semester.

Course Information

-Biology 12 is a course which focuses on human biology after an introduction to cell biology, processes and applications.

-Students are provided with notes outlining the important concepts and information.

-The textbook for this course is Inquiry into Life – 10th Edition, by Sylvia Mader which is rented for $100 ($100 returned after the textbook is returned in good condition).

-The course covers the following units of study: biochemistry, cell biology, transport, enzymes, DNA/RNA and protein synthesis, digestion, blood and circulation, respiration, excretion, nervous system and brain and human reproductive systems.

Biology 12: Learning About the Human Body (article by PALC student on this course)

Course Assessment

-Students write unit tests at the end of each unit of study.