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Welcome to the Communications 12 Assignment Page (Evening)

These are the assignments for the evening Communications 12 class, held Tuesday and Wednesday evenings from 6:30 to 9:00 p.m., September to June.

Please bring your work to class each day to be marked and recorded
Feel free to ask any questions about your assignments or grammar workbook.
Class Work – Sept 20 – Oct. 12/05 
Q & A Time
Review and make notes on the aspects of character and character development in the story, “Charles.”  
Hand in first draft of paragraph assignment – Evergreen Chapter 3
Novel Study:  Read first chapters of Who Has Seen The Wind and complete  Paper 1
Read Evergreen Chapter 1 pages 3-5  Complete Practice 1
Grammar – continue in workbook –Grammar In Plain English 
Read “Setting” as an element of a short Story
            Sept.  21/05
Q & A time – 
Review  and make notes on “Setting” as an element of a short story.
Complete and hand-in questions for “Antaeus”
Read Evergreen Chapter 1 pages 6 &7 and do Practice 1
Evergreen Chapter 2 –pages 10-13 , Start Part D
Arrange to write the “In-Class” for the first paragraph
Novel Study– continued 
Grammar workbook continued
Sept. 27 and 28/05
Q & A time –
Discuss “Plot”
Review Vocabulary
Read “Thank You, M’am”
Discuss Conflict and Climax
Discuss Characterization and Theme in this story.
 Novel  and Paper 1
Grammar In Plain English  continued
Work on Evergreen Chapter 1, pages 34-36
Read Handout “Giant” for Oct.4
Prepare Evergreen Chapter 6
Narration Paragraph Draft 1 and following
Prepare for Chapter 6 Narration Test
Oct. 4 and 5
Q & A Time
Review and Catch Up
Narration Paragraph
Discuss Theme
Read “The Sniper”  and work on questions
Oct. 11 and 12
Q & A Time
Review vocabulary  and be ready to discuss “The Sniper”
Evergreen Chapter 7 – Description
Descriptive Paragraph – Draft 1
Novel Study and questions – Paper 2
Prepare for Description Paragraph Test


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