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  Essentials of Mathematics 12: Introduction

Prerequisite: Any Math 11 credit

Welcome to Essentials of Math 12! You have made an excellent decision to take this course because it will introduce you to some interesting and useful topics that combine mathematical knowledge with career and consumer decisions. In this course, you will explore personal finance, income tax and careers.


*You need the following:

  1. Essentials of Math 12 textbook (Rented)

  2. Calculator

  3. A record of your marks with the Mark Sheet.

To receive credit for Essentials of Math 12, you will:

  1.  Complete six chapters and their exercises

  2. Write two chapter tests (Chapters 3 and 6)

  3. Complete four projects (Chapters 1, 4, 5 and 7)

For each chapter, you will print out from the computer the work you need to complete. *Your teacher will show you how to print your Essentials Math 12 assignments from the computers in Room 184.

NOTE: You may receive a password request either before or after you click. If you do, just click "cancel" and the document will load. All documents are in Microsoft Word format.


You will complete  the  following chapters:


Completion of Notebook Exercises                                     10%

Chapter 1     Personal Finances Project                       15%

Chapter 3     Government Finances Test                           15%

Chapter 4     Investments Project                                  15%

Chapter 5     Preparing Income Tax Returns Project            15%

Chapter 6     Variations and Formulas Test                          15%

Chapter 7   Researching a Career Project                            15%


** Ask a teacher for a Sample Amortization Schedule for Chapter 3 and T4 Information Slips for Chapter 5.

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