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  B.C. First Nations Studies 12: Course Information

B.C. First Nations Studies 12
(not currently offered)

This course will be offered for the first time at the Pearson Adult Learning Centre beginning in February, 2007. It will be especially of interest to students who have some knowledge of the issues around First Nations from Social Studies 10 and/or 11.

The course will concentrate on the issues surrounding First Nations in British Columbia.

Students will acquire knowledge about First Nations people and their traditional relationship with the land and natural world. They will examine traditional First Nations settlement patterns and concepts of land and resource ownership.

Students will also be provided with information about contemporary and traditional First Nations education and learning processes. Students will have the opportunity to analyze traditional resource use, exchange of ideas and practices among BC First Nations and other cultures.

Students will assess the impacts of contact and colonialism on BC First Nations people as well as examine the origins and history of the Métis people in western Canada.

Students will examine the impact of contact, religion, and colonialism on the social structures, economies, and education of BC First Nations. Students will have opportunities to investigate the resistance of First Nations people to colonialism, especially land encroachment.

Students will examine the functions and significance of the oral tradition with reference to the traditions of a specific First Nation. Students will also read and interpret literature written by Aboriginal authors. Opportunities will be provided to analyse, interpret, and evaluate portrayals of First Nations people and to explore the importance for First Nations people of controlling the development of their artistic traditions.

Students will explore the cultural significance of various artistic expressions (e.g., weaving, carving, painting, dance, song). Students will be asked to explain the importance for First Nations people to determine the use of their traditions and of historical artifacts. They will examine and interpret various works of aboriginal art.

Students will explain the significance of terms related to the discussion of aboriginal identity and self-determination. Students will identify and analyse some contemporary legislation, policies, and events affecting the self-determination of Aboriginal people. Finally, students will demonstrate an understanding of contemporary negotiations and agreements pertaining to Aboriginal self-determination.

It will be an interesting course as many of the issues that will be explored are being actively discussed in the news and will affect British Columbia and Canada’s future.




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