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Students who have completed Communications 12 may choose to take Writing 12 (English 11 or 12 students are also welcome to attend). The course will provide abundant opportunity for students to improve their writing skills and knowledge. 

Writing 12 is a Ministry of Education approved course that counts as a “12” for adult graduation requirements. See student comments to help you decide!

All You Wanted to Know about Writing 12 (article by PALC student, Masaru, about this course)


TBA for Spring 2015

What is Writing 12?

Writing 12 students work in workshop (small group, paired work, teacher-led discussion). Some class time will be available for first draft writing. For further information, read Masaru's article, "All You Wanted to Know about Writing 12," published in The Pearson Buzz.

The course combines Creative Writing and Journalism. Students will write in various forms, including the short story, narrative essay and poetry. Students will be introduced to a number of rhetorical techniques in order to improve their writing.

Students will publish articles for an online newspaper, The Pearson Buzz  created by the first class of Pearson Adult Learning Centre Writing 12 students. Students will also research, edit and publish stories of interest to fellow students and the community at large.


Students will produce a portfolio of writing for final evaluation and grading worth 60% of the student mark. Information on the portfolio will be available in the second term.

Participation will be awarded 40% to account for student effort in class and at the Writing 12 blog, and in editing work for publication. Writing 12 depends on active students, both online and in class.


Student Comments on Writing 12

Want to take Writing 12? Read student comments to help you decide if it is a course you’d like to take!

I didn’t really want to take Writing 12 at first because I didn’t believe I could write anything decent in the future at that time. As a new immigrant, it is “Mission Impossible” that I could become a good English writer; I just wanted to learn how to “speak.”

I was wrong. Through daily writing practice and communication with my teacher and classmates, I found I made great progress in my spoken English. Writing helps my speaking a lot. If I could write something down, I could speak it.


You’ll get a chance to write various forms of writing. Write a paragraph a week at least, show it, and get feedback. You’ll improve as much as write. For a bonus, you’ll have a better understanding of yourself in the end.

By the end of the course, I was amazed with the difference and the result. Now I feel more confident; writing a piece or standard essay has become much easier than last year.


If students want to improve their writing skill but don’t know how to do it, I’d suggest they give themselves a year of study in Writing 12.This course helps the students upgrade their writing knowledge as well as reducing difficulties in writing.


There was always an air of comfort and fun in class. Brad is this laid back guy. The students, coming from a gruelling Math or English class, could just relax, kick back and have a good time. It was a time that I knew that I would probably learn something important while having a great time.