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This class for students in English Level 4A and 4B was held every Friday from 12:30 to 2:30 p.m. in Room 280. 

The textbook we are using is called Pre-GED Reading available for sale at $20.00 from your teachers in Room 184 or in class.

Your weekly assignment for Brad's class can be found below, so if you miss class, you can still be up to date. Check for class notes, too


Homework: Read “Double Face” in your textbook. Make five vocabulary sentences for new words. Answer the questions on Page 136. Due next class on October 29. No class on October 22, Professional Day.

Worksheet for October 29 class

Paragraph Checklist Worksheet for October 15 Class


Worksheet on "The Road Not Taken" due on October 15

Assignments due October 8, 2004

Read the poem, “The Road Not Taken” in your text on page 195.

Write five vocabulary sentences using new words from the poem.

Write a short, three-sentence, summary of the poem.

Write an answer to the question on page 194 (about an important decision you have made).

Worksheet due October 8

Assignments due September 24, 2004

Write a short paragraph that explains three things you learned about poetry from your study of the poem, “Sympathy.” Use examples from the poem as your details. Write a good topic sentence and concluding sentence for your paragraph. The paragraph should be about 100 to 125 words long. Bring your homework to the next class on October 1.

Worksheet due October 1.

Assignments for September 17, 2004

Read the poem, “Sympathy” in your book, Pre-GED Reading.

• Write a three sentence summary of what the poem says to the reader.

• Write three sentences using new words of vocabulary found in the poem.

• Bring all your homework to class next week, on September 24.




Assignments for March 5, 2004

We will work in class today on reading the story, "Bless Me, Ultima." See your worksheet here.

 Assignments for February 28, 2004

We will work in class today on writing a short piece of drama (in the style of A Raisin in the Sun). There is NO homework this week!

Assignments for February 20, 2004

Complete your writing assignment from class this week.

Read A Raisin in the Sun. Write a three-sentence summary of the reading. Write five sentences using new vocabulary from your reading.

Bring your completed work to class for Friday, February 20.

Assignments for February 13, 2004

We have all made decisions in life that, in future, we may tell others about “with a sigh.” Such decisions have “made all the difference” in our lives either for the better (or the worse).

Write about a decision you have made that, like the speaker in Frost’s poem, you have some regrets about making. Your decision will have made a large difference to your present life.

Write a paragraph of about 125 words and bring it to class on Friday, February 13.

Assignments for January 23, 2004

Complete your three sentence summary of the poem, "A Picture on the Mantel." Bring your three sentences on a new word of vocabulary to the class on Friday.

Our new worksheets are ready: Showing versus Telling and Group Work for our class on January 23.



Assignments for November 14, 2003


We will discuss the reading, “Double Face” together and then develop a good writing topic, together. This topic paragraph is due on Friday, November 28.

“Double Face”: Discussion

What has happened to the mother and daughter’s relationship?

How does moving to America make a difference in this relationship?

What other problems have you experienced with children who are growing up in a new and very different culture from your own?

What would be a good writing topic on this subject?

Homework Assignment: “Double Face” :

Your topic will be decided in class today.

Use vivid language and at least one line of dialogue (spoken words in quotation marks).

Make a conflict clear to your reader between two people or between one person and an outside force.

Include one or two details about the setting (place, time, feeling).

Your paragraph can be from 80 to 125 words long

Last class is on November 28. Come for a review of writing and test writing skills.






READING for November 14: Page 50, "Double Face," by Amy Tan

There will be a multiple choice comprehension quiz on the reading.



We will talk about our experiences, good and bad, with technology. After this, students will write a paragraph telling the story about one bad day you had while using a high technology device. Your paragraph is due on Friday, November 14



A Bad Day with Technology: Group Discussion

What good experiences have you had with high technology devices? (e.g. a DVD player)

What bad experiences have you had?

What is the worst day you ever had with a high technology device?

Homework Assignment: A Bad Day with Technology

Write about your bad day. Use vivid language and at least one line of dialogue (spoken words in quotation marks).

Make the conflict clear to your reader.

Include one or two details about the setting (place, time, feeling).

Your paragraph can be from 80 to 125 words long.


Assignments for October 10, 2003

READING for October 17: Page 20, "I, Robot," by Isaac Asimov

Today, we will review what makes a good paragraph. Then, students will begin to write a paragraph. Your paragraph is due on Friday, October 17.



What Makes a Paragraph Good?

Your thoughts? Write down five ideas you have.


Homework Assignment: Writing a Paragraph about Conflict

Think of a time in your life when a younger person had a conflict with someone older. Write down three things each person would say in such a conflict. (six sentences of dialogue).

Now, choose one or two exchanges (one person speaks, the other answers) and include them in a paragraph that makes clear the conflict to a reader. Use quotation marks for direct speech.

Your paragraph can be from 80 to 125 words long.



Assignments for October 3, 2003

WORD LIST (for vocabulary quiz on Friday) for your reading The Flower Drum Song on page 8 of your textbook.

halted, perspiration, wound, glowing, frowned, yielded, amiable, trudging, greedy, spacious, lattice, reputable, tensely, economical, restraining.



Poetry Assignment (Writing) DUE Friday, October 3

View the teacher's sample poem, Out on a Limb One Day

This week, we studied the poem “Sympathy” by Paul Laurence Dunbar.

With our new knowledge of poetry, we will try to write a short poem ourselves.


1. Choose a strong feeling you have (happiness, sadness etc.) and think about this feeling for a short time.

2. Write 8 lines of poetry that expresses your feeling. Use about 8-10 syllables in each line.

3. Use two different rhymes at the ends of lines (see the poem “Sympathy” for an example, “glass” rhymes with “grass”)

4. Use a simile OR a metaphor (e.g. “river flows like a stream of glass”) one time.

5. Give your poetry a title.

6. Bring your work to next week’s class (October 3) for sharing.


Assignment for May 2, 2003

Read the poem, "The Road Not Taken," by Robert Frost.

Assignment for April 11, 2003

Study the following word list to prepare for this week's quiz.

churn, listlessly, subside, furrow, scoop, toss, flop, swoop, lapping, bore, shivered, glisten, wandered

This week's worksheet, Family Stories.


Assignment for April 4, 2003

Read "Bless Me, Ultima," by Rudolfo A. Anaya found on page 38 of your text. Remember to complete your worksheet paragraph, Writing about an Annoyance.

Assignment for March 14, 2003

Reread Andy Rooney's short essay, "Street Directions," found on page 92 of your text. Be prepared for a vocabulary quiz on the following words and idioms:

fella, bear, outrage, veer, "lay the blame", direction, mislead, retain, bisect, abruptly, semester, pretend,  blunder, accurate

This week's worksheet: Writing about an Annoyance


Assignment for March 7, 2003

Read Andy Rooney's short essay, "Street Directions," found on page 92 of your text.



Assignment for February 28, 2003

Reread "Black Elk Speaks." Make sure you know the following vocabulary words:

dizzy, electricity, fire-boat, iron, moons, Pawnees, railway, settlers, Sioux, storm thunder, wagons, war-cries, Wasichu, water

We will be working on a writing assignment on Feeling "Out of Place."


Assignment for February 21, 2003

Complete your Autobiography Paragraph. Read the next autobiography, "Black Elk Speaks" beginning on page 86 of your book.


Assignment for November 15, 2002

Today, we will be reading "Double Face" by Amy Tan, found on page 50 of your text. Also, one more quiz from Paul's afternoon class on "The Ghostway." Here are links to the three student quizzes:

"The Ghostway" Vocabulary (3) by Student, Susan  Fill-in-the-blank quiz by a Literature and Composition 4 student. (Susan; November 14, 2002)
"The Ghostway" Vocabulary (2) by Student, Yan Ping  Fill-in-the-blank quiz by a Literature and Composition 4 student. (Yan Ping; November 5, 2002)
"The Ghostway" Vocabulary by Student, Ou  Fill-in-the-blank quiz by a Literature and Composition 4 student. (Ou; November 4, 2002)

Assignment for November 8, 2002

Be ready for some quick quizzes on vocabulary from "The Ghostway" and our discussions of "The Women of Brewster Place."

In class today, we will discuss things (and people) we have left behind in our lives. Then, we will begin to write a paragraph on the topic, "Leaving it All Behind Us."

Assignment for November 1, 2002

Read the novel excerpt, The Women of Brewster Place, on pages 33 to 35 of your textbook. Try Louise's fill-in-the-gap quiz: "The Women of Brewster Place"

Assignment for October 18, 2002

Complete your paragraph using vocabulary from "The Ghostway." Hand in on Friday, November 1.

Assignment for October 11, 2002

Complete your paragraph on the poem, "Sympathy." Hand in! Read the story, "The Ghostway." Check your vocabulary with three quizzes.

Assignment for October 4, 2002

View your assignment here.

Assignment for September 27, 2002

Bring your text, Pre-GED Reading, to class on Friday. We will be working on exercises on pages 1-4 of the "Inventory" section.

Assignment for May 3, 2002

For Friday's class, we'll be reading the play excerpt, "Crimes of the Heart" by Beth Henley starting on page 134 of your text. We'll have fun reading the parts aloud and practicing our pronunciation, too!

Assignment for April 19, 2002

View your assignment here

Assignment for April 12, 2002

View your assignment here

Assignment for March 15, 2002

On Friday, we will be reading a book review of Elmore Leonard's novel, Get Shorty, beginning on page 116 of your text, Pre GED Reading. Find out more about the movie, Get Shorty.

Assignment for February 22, 2002

On Friday, we will be reading "A Courageous Stand" from pages 104 to 109 of your text, Pre GED Reading. See a photo relating to Friday's topic.

Remember: Your persuasion paragraph is DUE on Friday!

Assignment for February 8, 2002

The reading assignment for next class is for pages 99 to 101, "Thoughts on Peace in an Air Raid." 

Find the reading in your text, available for purchase in the first class or in Room 184 anytime (see a teacher).

Try the Comprehension Quiz on this reading.

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