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English 5  “The Gift of Cochise” 
Reading Skills

 Watch for the following elements as you read this story:

 Suspense – the feeling of tension and excitement as the story develops

 Flashbacks – the writer describes a conversation or experience from the past

                        Why does the author use flashbacks in this story?

Conflict – the struggle between opposing forces

                 What is the major conflict?  Does it get resolved?

 Stereotype – a character depicted in an expected or usual way

                        Does any character in this story seem stereotypical?

 Character  -  character trait  -  distinguishing feature

                        Choose two characters in this story and note their outstanding traits.

Is the “gift” Cochise gave Angie at the end of the story a thoughtful one?

English 5  “The  Gift of Cochise” by Louis L’Amour

Double-barreled shotgun – gun with two long barrels with a bullet chamber and trigger         for each

       ** Hunters who aren’t very good marksmen can use a double-barreled shotgun to bring down birds.

Winchester ’73  - rifle – for long-distance shooting  

      ** A cowboy’s saddle was often equipped with a rifle sheath so he could shoot right from the horse.

Walker Colt  - pistol for short-range shooting

            **Cowboy Joe kept a colt in the leather holster on his belt.

Calico ponies – young horses with patches of color in its coat

            **An Appaloosa is an American breed horse with dark spots on a light tan coat.

Cavalcade of riders -  riders or vehicles following each other in procession

            ** The streets were lined with people as a cavalcade of police motorcycles passed by.

Shiftless  - lazy, inefficient

            **He was handsome and happy, but he was so shiftless he couldn’t keep a job.


Whittle – using a knife to carve thin shavings off of a piece of wood

            **Grandfather whittled branches to make legs for the chair.

Alkali-whitened  -  salt or a mixture of salts present in excess in some soils

            **Alkali-whitened soil will not support plant life.

Mesas – a flat-topped hill with steep sides

            **A  mesa is often partly surrounded by a canyon.

Lank –long, limp, straight (hair)  lanky- tall and thin

            **After I’d been out in the wind and rain, my hair hung lankly around my face. 

Malevolent  - wishing evil for someone

            **He glared malevolently at his unfaithful partner.


Quail – a small, short-tailed bird

            **Quail eggs are much smaller than chicken eggs.

Plaintive – sad, sorrowful sound

            **A quail’s song is plaintive and soft.

Vocabulary List for English Wednesday Class (4 to 5 p.m.)

"A Blind Man Catches a Bird": Vocabulary

Eager – strong desire to do something
            Olympic athletes are eager to increase their skills.

Tag on behind – follow behind
            Sam liked to tag along behind as his big brother delivered
 the newspapers.

Sighted brother-in-law – his sister’s brother who could see
            The sighted man cheated his blind friend.

Warthogs -  an African wild pig
            Are warthogs dangerous?

Disguise – change appearance to hide true identity
            Thieves often try to disguise themselves so they can’t be caught

Prospect  - a chance or hope for something to happen in the future
            The prospect of getting rich brought many gold diggers to BC

Marvelous – excellent
            This handwork is marvelously well done.

Pouch  - a small bag
            I keep my coins in a small, silk pouch.

Substitute  - use one thing in place of another
            Olive oil is a healthy substitute for butter in some cooking.

Soul  -  the spiritual or emotional part
            Her singing comes from her soul

Fetch– go an get something
            Dogs love to fetch a ball or stick.

Enmity  - feelings of ill-will, hostility, hatred
            The enmity between these families has lasted for generations.                            



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