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  Literature and Composition 4 (Current Worksheet for Brad's Class)

"Flower Drum Song": Composition with Dialogue
March 4, 2005

This week, we will continue to work on the reading, "Flower Drum Song," from page 6 of your new text.

Today's Class Work:

1. Retake the vocabulary quiz. Do not use your dictionary (unless you missed our last class). I have scrambled the sentences to make it more challenging!

2. Review the terms conflict, internal conflict, simile, and resolution with your teacher. Look at the story again to find examples.

3. Discuss with your teacher a time you had a conflict with a child about something. What did you disagree about? What did you say to the child? What did the child say to you?

4. The teacher will show you how to write and punctuate dialogue using quotation marks.

5. Now, write a short paragraph that shows a conflict between an adult and child. Make sure the setting is clear (where you and the child are). Each of the characters (you and the child) should speak three times. Give your paragraph a title.


Take your paragraph home with you today. Check your spelling and grammar. Add at least 20 more words in two or three sentences.

Bring your paragraph to class on March 11.


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